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The return
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It’s not exactly Las Vegas, is it?

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How we use your information.

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You've given us the information to enable us to make initial contact with you, so that's what we'll use it for.

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We will not:

  • sell or disclose it to any third party
  • automatically subscribe you to any newsletters, forums or target you in sales campaigns, etc. If you want to be subscribed to anything, we figure you'll tell us so directly.

What the customer said:

“So easy, even a caveman can do it.” BizRate feedback

Okay, you missed it.

How it works:

In the time it takes you to read to here, our technology can collect and process over 2,000 items of information about an internet-connected device. It’s a patented process which is completely non-invasive of the device itself and the consumer’s privacy. As you can’t actually see how the technology works – it’s too fast anyway – here’s a step-by-step explanation.

1. The consumer invokes the service on the client website.
2. The client website opens a channel to the w4s app server
3. w4s applet is served directly to the consumer device.
4. The consumer’s device data is transmitted back to the w4s app server.
5. w4s app server pushes the data to the client website.
6. The client website processes the data and presents the solution to the consumer.

The return without the risk.

It’s not exactly Las Vegas, is it?

We don’t really talk about return on investment with clients, because there isn’t really any investment required to implement our solution. Typically it only takes a single developer a couple of weeks to implement our solution. Enabling the code on site and getting a result feeding through takes a matter of hours - at most. The rest of the implementation is really our client taking the information and doing valuable things for their customer with it.

The implication for our clients is that they don’t have to ‘pay to play’: Implementation costs are so negligible that from the go-live the solution is already in positive financial territory and contributing to the bottom line: It’s not a case of investing and then holding your breath to see if the gamble paid off, because there is no investment. Financially, it’s that simple.

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